Big Brothers Big Sisters

On Saturday, July 13 2019, Milwaukee Muskies Inc once again partnered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Milwaukee to host a youth fishing event. About 15 “Littles” and 18 “Bigs” showed up to Smokey’s Bait shop on Pewaukee Lake to do a little panfishing on pontoons captained by Muskies Inc. members. As the boats were catching fish, a few members of Muskies Inc stayed at the launch and prepared a lunch for the kids and captains. After having lunch, every “Little” was treated with a complimentary fishing rod and reel for their participation in the event. There was also 3 “Grand Prize Winners” that were chosen at random via a drawing.

And here is where the story gets AMAZING.

The first winner chose a nice football as his gift.  The second winner was his brother, and he chose a very nice Frisbee.  The third winner?  Well, he happened to be the largest and oldest “Little” that we’ve ever hosted.  And he won…..the colored chalk set for drawing on pavement.  This youth walked up to the table, shook our hands and thanked us for the gift, then immediately returned to his seat and scanned the group of people.  He walked up to the smallest girl at the event and gave her his gift.  The little girl was just overcome with joy at getting that chalk set.  And every adult in attendance was moments away from tears when it happened.

And that’s the great thing about Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  Their impact on the lives and future of their “Littles” cannot be stated enough.  This act of kindness that we all witnessed will not be forgotten.


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