Fisheries science explores the interaction among fish populations, the environment, and humans. In Waukesha county we have great diversity in our fish populations, environmental considerations, and the human influence on our fisheries. Pewaukee, Okauchee, and Lac La Belle are three of the most well known muskie fisheries in Southeastern Wisconsin and reach even further beyond the geopolitical boundaries of SE Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Chapter of Muskies Inc. promotes research into our local fisheries to help create a sustainable fishery for people of all ages and generations to come.

Education is essential to understanding the nature of fisheries and how they function. There is plenty of information out there on the internet and if interested many types of college degrees to be had in this field. Fisheries researchers confront issues ranging from managing harvest of fish populations to developing novel approaches for culturing finfish. Courses and research available in Fisheries include fisheries ecology and management, ichthyology, fish genetics, fish health and nutrition, aquaculture, fish physiology, aquatic toxicology, and population genetics.

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