2018 Pewaukee Classic Saturday May 12

MCMI’s Pewaukee Classic is back again for it’s 34th year and is slated for Saturday May 12.  This is a fund raising tournament.  Much of the money raised is used to benefit our Muskie rearing and stocking effort for Okauchee and Pewaukee Lakes.  The monies raised are also used for monthly programs, summer youth outings, our veterans memorial outing, the publication of our news letter and much more.

The Pewaukee Classic brochure, Tournament Rules and registration form can be found here:


2015 Pewaukee Lake Stocking

Milwaukee Chapter of Muskies INC and Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin jointly stocked 200 Muskies into Pewaukee Lake on September 18, 2015.

To top that off, independent of MCMI/MCW’s efforts, Smokey’s Muskie Shop with their “Three Charlies Tournament” financially supported an additional 100 Muskies for Pewaukee Lake. Much to our surprise, they all came on the same truck from Gollon Fish Farm! MCMI and MCW with the permission of John Laimon, owner of Smokey’s Muskie shop, helped to distribute the Three Charlies Tournament’s 100 muskies.

300 total muskies were stocked around Pewaukee Lake. These were in addition to the muskies that the Wisconsin DNR stocked this year.

2013 Amron Pond Muskie Collection, Eastern half

This is the second pull of the seine to rid the eastern half of the pond of algae before we could seine for muskies. The western half was pulled prior to this. At the end of this video, we were drawing in the lengths of seine net to slowly reduce the area the muskies were in. Unfortunately, the media card was full at this point so we do not have footage where we then scoop the muskies into 5 gallon pails to carry them up the pond wall to the awaiting WI DNR transport tank/truck.

Pewaukee Lake muskie stocking and research

Here’s an additional look at the muskie stocking in Pewaukee Lake of the Amron pond reared muskies as part of the research with the WDNR and University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Tom Koepp provided iPhone video from topside which has been merged into earlier published footage from the GoPro. One hundred twenty one muskies of two hundred were recovered and stocked into the lake, and only one didn’t retain its PIT tag.