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Amron Pond 2013 Ice Out

Chapter President Craig Ader visited the pond earlier in the week and reported the ice was gone. This is from the following Sunday the 7th to document the pond and surrounding area. It’s been a longer winter than at least the last few years.… Continue Reading “Amron Pond 2013 Ice Out”

Amron Pond March 3rd, 2013

Amron Pond water exchange

Here’s a short video providing audio of water flow out of the pond through the stand pipe.

Amron Pond winter wonderland clip

Here’s a short video providing a glimpse of the pond during the winter.

Amron Pond – Fall 2012

On November 10th, 2012, observation at the Amron Pond revealed active fathead minnows and muskies. This unedited footage shows multiple muskies at times with minnows constantly moving through the shallows.

Stocking and Rearing

The goal for the stocking committee is to coordinate and deliver a number of items related to our local fisheries. Discussed at the November 2008 Board meeting with our local DNR Fish Manager Ben Heussner, it was decided that with regard to VHSv and… Continue Reading “Stocking and Rearing”