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2013 Amron Pond Muskie Collection, Eastern half

This is the second pull of the seine to rid the eastern half of the pond of algae before we could seine for muskies. The western half was pulled prior to this. At the end of this video, we were drawing in the lengths… Continue Reading “2013 Amron Pond Muskie Collection, Eastern half”

2013 Amron Pond Muskie Collection, Western Half

This is the first pull with the seine which ended up being the first of two passes to remove the algae before a pass with the seine net for capturing muskies into buckets and then transport tank. This is roughly a 66 minute recording… Continue Reading “2013 Amron Pond Muskie Collection, Western Half”

Pewaukee Lake muskie stocking and research

Here’s an additional look at the muskie stocking in Pewaukee Lake of the Amron pond reared muskies as part of the research with the WDNR and University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Tom Koepp provided iPhone video from topside which has been merged into earlier… Continue Reading “Pewaukee Lake muskie stocking and research”

2013 Amron Pond Collection Photos

Mary Pokora was kind enough to take pictures while we worked on the pond.  The chara algae resulted in a few pulls with the seine just to try to clear it to make way to seine the muskies: first pull was of the west… Continue Reading “2013 Amron Pond Collection Photos”

additional Amron Pond release pictures

Nancy Hinkforth provided these images from the pontoon release trip she was on.

June 1st, 2013 Amron muskies to Pewaukee

With so much media gathered from the muskie rearing effort June 1st, 2013, here’s a portion in reverse order……their freedom!

Amron pond visits

Greg Sieren and Mike Phelps have been visiting the pond over the last couple weeks. Greg reported on May 18th that a few grass snakes had made the pond home, the minnows were in good numbers along the shoreline, and muskies weren’t visible. Mike… Continue Reading “Amron pond visits”

Amron pond cohabitants

After the Quad County event Sunday May 5th, a trip to the pond with the newly acquired GoPro Hero 3 Black got some use. The pond was dyed to reduce algae so the water is not as clear as it has been. I’m not… Continue Reading “Amron pond cohabitants”

Amron pond minnow delivery

Ice out in South Dakota, snow in Minnesota, and all the rain here and between has been a challenge to ringing in spring. Robinson Wholesale found a window to bring us minnows and a vehicle better suited to potentially soggy ground conditions Wednesday before… Continue Reading “Amron pond minnow delivery”

Amron pond 2013 ice out minnows

Here we’re checking on the minnow population and activity because we have 100 pellet fed muskies and 100 pellet fed minnow finished muskies in the pond from a fall transfer from the Wisconsin Wild Rose hatchery system. The weather hasn’t enabled us to truck… Continue Reading “Amron pond 2013 ice out minnows”