September 10, 2009’s Members Outing

Rick's 40 inch muskieDave's 43.5 inch muskie

On September 10th, we hosted our last chapter outing of the year. It was such a beautiful day that many took advantage of the opportunity to take off of work and get out fishing early. The combination of nice weather and the fact that it was our final outing boosted registration and attendance to the best of the year with a total of 25 members. It was definitely a casting bite with 6 legal muskies being caught during the official outing hours. All of the fish were caught casting. Dave Dawson won the fishing contest with two fish, a 43.5″ and a 37.5″. Rick Wyrwas also caught two fish and was a close second place with a 40″ and 32″. Jim Kwapil caught a 38.25″ and our newest member, Jim Frett, caught a 33″. Nice job everyone!

Dave's 43.5 inch posing to neighboring Rick Wyrwas and Mike Clearman

The gathering afterwards brought us all together for some good food and drinks while we exchanged stories and celebrated Darlene Kwapil’s 50th birthday. We had a special drawing for a $100 gift certificate to Smokey’s which was won by Amy Heidenreich. We also had 3 bottles of wine which were won by Pat Guarnaccio, Jim Dembeic, and Jim Kwapil. Thanks again to our hosts John and Gordy, we appreciate them allowing us to continue to have our gatherings at Smokey’s West.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the outings so much fun. We hope to see more of you join us next year!

August 10, 2009’s Members Outing

Debbie Mann's first muskie measuring 36 inchesOn Aug 10th we hosted another successful chapter outing with 20 members in attendance. It was also another record setting night for fishing (both casting and trolling) with nine muskies caught. The casters beat the trollers by a score of 6 to 3. We had 3 members double up on fish. Jim Kwapil was the overall winner with 2 nice fish measuring 42″ and 36″. He was casting DC9s and Double 10s. Mark Emmer caught a 36″ and a 35″ fish casting a double Showgirl. Jim Dembiec caught a 33″ and a 31″ fish trolling DB4s. Larry Price caught a nice 41″ fish casting a Double Cowgirl. Mike Phelps caught a 39″ fish casting a Medussa. Debbie Mann caught a 36″ fish (her first) trolling a Firetiger DB4. Outstanding job!Larry Price's outing 41 incherThanks again to our hosts John and Gordy, we appreciate them allowing us to continue to have our gatherings at Smokey’s West.The Mexican food and the gathering at 9:00PM were both very enjoyable. Thanks to everyone for coming out.

We hope to see more of you join us at the next outing. Check the website for dates and registration contacts or feel free to call any of us if you do not have access to the website.

Good Luck fishing and we hope to see you at the next outing, there are only 2 more left!

2009 Daniel Boone Conservation League Youth Fishing Recap

Milwaukee Chapter DBCL Youth outing crewTom Arvoy coordinated the event for August 1st, Gordy Merz lined up over half the rod/reel combos, and Smokey’s Bait Shop provided the live bait for the event. Tom knew the temptation of helping the kids would be too great to stay off his healing ankle injury. Therefore, once we had the combos on-site at the DBCL picnic, he turned the event over to Nick Gosh, Rick Wyrwas, Nancy & Roy Hinkforth, Craig & Nicholas Ader, Gene Pokora, & Mike Phelps.

young lad with nice catchThe day started out damp and cool, but by mid afternoon it was clear and bright. Nicholas and Mike went on a scouting mission to find some fish as we attempted to get the lay of the lake (pond). Mike reported several “large” fish attacking his hook-less Suick on the west end. As we followed with hooks and bait, nothing to be had. Those fish already knew something was wrong. It seemed that the hottest action was on the east end of the pond and after the wind switched.

Success keeping the kids interestedFishing was scheduled for 1PM to 2PM and then 3PM to 4PM. The event started slow, with a few kids casting and asking questions. By 1:30PM, most of the kids were catching or seeing fish. Once word got out that fishing was free and the fish were biting, most of the 40 combos were being utilized. Having seven chapter volunteers, we didn’t see the need to stop fishing and ran the event the entire time. The kids were able to keep 1 fish with most supporting CPR. Craig noted some very excited kids which made his day. The Chapter team kept the kids baited, untangled, weed free and removing the hooks from the fish they chose to release. Mike was doing laps around the pond taking photos of the kids with their catch.

Spincast panfish and later on, baitcaster princessThree people were also interested in trying their hand at the mighty baitcaster. Mike worked with them to hone their technique, and before long, they were casting clear across the pond without backlashing.

top catch and release winnersWe’re not sure of total number of fish caught, but the kids sure had fun catching 2″ bullheads, several nice blue gill, perch and some painted turtles. Roy is an excellent hook remover on the turtles!!! Some of the kids caught almost a dozen fish. For each division, first place received a rod/reel combo and second received a lighted Frisbee.

July 10, 2009’s Members Outing

The threat of severe thunderstorms did not Dave Dawson's 37 inch muskie to put him on the board for 2009discourage the group of 16 chapter members that participated in our first Friday night outing. As the start of the fishing hours neared, the cloudy skies cleared, the sun came out, and the temperature reached a daytime high of 88 degrees. The water temperature was 73.9 degrees and winds were out of the West/Southwest at 10-15mph. By the time we reached the boat launch we heard that Mike Phelps had already caught a 35″ muskie casting a Heli Dawg (Bull Dawg with a spinner). This bait was so good that it not only caught a muskie it caught Mike too! After an emergency trip to the hospital for a hook removal procedure, Mike joined us back on the lake for more fishing. It was a good night for fishing (both casting and trolling) as six other muskies were caught in the outing. Dave Dawson caught a 37″ casting a green/firetiger D2 Cowbell (homemade Cowgirl),Mike Phelps' pre-outing $162 ER visit middle thirty inch musky Roy Hinkforth caught a 35″ trolling a DB4, Rick Wyrwas caught a 32″ casting a bucktail, and the top honors went to Jim Dembiec, who caught 3 fish trolling crankbaits: 32-1/2″, 33-1/4″ and a 36″. Nice job everybody,that is a new outing record!

Thanks again to our hosts John and Gordy, we appreciate them allowing us to continue to have ourgatherings at Smokey’s Muskie Shop. As usual, the food and gathering at 9:00PM was very enjoyable. The new grill worked out great for the chicken and beef stir frys.

Good Luck fishing and we hope to see you at the next outing!

June 10, 2009’s Members Outing

The turnout for the June 10th outing was the best to date. Seventeen Milwaukee Chapter members registered and participated in our event along with five guests that are hopeful future members. We couldn’t have asked for better weather other than the east winds. Jim Dembiec was the only Chapter member to catch a qualifying fish. He caught a 37″ muskie trolling a crank bait. Greg Kilps caught a nice 35″ muskie on a Creeper and Dave Dawson caught a big northern.

The gathering at Smokey’s West at 9:00PMGreg Kilps' 35 inch outing muskie was very enjoyable and the food was a big hit as usual. We are getting very creative in planning different menus as opposed to having an ordinary cook out. But that is one of the reasons why we are not just an ordinary Chapter. Again, we would like to thank our hosts John and Gordy, for allowing us to continue to have our outing gatherings at Smokey’s West.

Good Luck fishing and we hope to see you at the next outing!

May 28, 2009 – Russ’ Requested Outing

Russ' muskie with daughter Lauren and chapter member Roy

Over Memorial weekend, chapter members Nancy & Roy Hinkforth were contacted by Michelle, a friend of theirs. Michelle described her husband’s fight against a type of blood cancer and recent news that Russ was given two weeks to live by his physician. Michelle said Russ’ last request was to go muskie fishing with family and friends.

Nancy and Roy put out an e-mail the following Tuesday morning to the chapter board and other members asking for help to make an outing happen that Thursday, and Tom Arvoy, Larry Price, and Mike Phelps were able to assist. Nancy made lunches for everyone to take on the boat. The fleet and crew met at Smokey’s Muskie Shop for a noon outing to last between four and five hours. We departed Smokey’s to begin the hunt at 12:30PM and fished until about 5PM.

The four boats with three people per fished as a group. They worked the inside edge, over, and the outside edge of a massive weedbed. The bait was piled up on the outside edge, and many muskies were sighted by all. About 2:10PM, Roy was the first to convert a looker into a biter and passed the rod to Russ. Russ was able to fight the fish and Roy gracefully slipped the muskie into the net. The boats converged together to bear witness and share congratulations. Many pictures and even video were taken. Russ had enough strength remaining to hold the muskie for this photo opportunity.
Russ' brother Steven with a 32 inch muskie

About 3:40PM, another muskie was coerced into eating by Russ’ brother Steven. Steven had learned the art of picking backlashes out of a reel from the occasional mishap. After picking out a backlash and beginning to reel in the bucktail, a 32 inch muskie just couldn’t resist. Mike netted Steven’s muskie when the time was right. Russ, his daughter Lauren, and Roy came by for celebration and photos.

The chapter members were happy that they could help Russ with his request. His friends and family offered us money for the outing, but we refused with the exception of accepting $50 in Russ’ name to be used for our Youth programs.

** Edit 6/30/2009 **: Russ passed away June 22nd. Our condolences to his family and friends.

May 28, 2009’s Members Outing

Dave Dawson coordinated the second chapter outing of the season. Thirteen chapter members fished in the outing and enjoyed an evening on the water. The weather was really nice with comfortable temps, sunny skies and no wind after 5:30pm. The muskies were showing themselves and almost everyone reported multiple follows. Adam had a muskie blow up and miss a TopRaider. Sue and Ron Heidenreich reported six follows! Two muskies hit for two different people on the figure 8 but both were quickly “released” within a second or two. 🙂

Gordy deserves a big Thank You for getting things setup and watching the crockpot for the get-together after fishing. We had a hungry crew after an evening of casting. Chips and guacamole, chicken wraps, Shrek salad, and cherry-rhubarb dessert seemed to agree with everyone. I agreed with Ron who said the only way the dessert could have been better is if it had just come out of the oven and it was served with a scoop of ice cream!

Everyone who attended entered their names for the end-of-season outing raffle prize. The Smokey’s gift certificate for the evening’s big fish release was not awarded. Will the muskies be a little more cooperative when Roy and Nancy host the next chapter outing on June 10? Hope to see you there! Be sure to RSVP.

May 14, 2009’s Members Outing

Bill's 36.5 inch outing muskieTheDan's 27.5 inch outing figure 8 walleye first of nine club fishing outings of the year took place on May 14th. Thirteen Milwaukee Chapter members and two Headwater Chapter members registered and participated in our event. Dan Buss and Bill Vierkandt, the Headwater Chapter members, both caught legal fish. Dan caught a 35.5″ muskie and Bill caught a 36.5″ muskie.

Steve Reigstad was the only Milwaukee Chapter member to get a fish in the boat, a 32″ muskie. Since the fishing prize must be awarded to a member of our chapter, Steve won the $20 gift certificate to Smokey’s.

The gathering at Smokey’s West at 9:00PM gave all of us the opportunity to spend some time with our fellow chapter membersDan's 35.25 inch outing muskie and visiting chapter members while we enjoyed a cookout and drinks together. It was a very enjoyable evening. Again, we would like to thank John and Gordy, for allowing us to continue to have our outing gatherings at Smokey’s West.

Good Luck fishing!