2018 Veterans Outing

On August 25th the Milwaukee Chapter of Muskies Inc. had the honor and privilege hosting our annual Veteran’s outing.  We had 18 this year, along with 2 captains and our cook representing this great nation.  We could not do, nor could we enjoy the freedom that we have; were it not for what they have done.  Thank You for your service!

We had what looked to be a perfect day, the muskies just did not want to help us out.  Honestly, it’s not about the fish, rather the time to enjoy the great outdoors, laugh a little and give thanks for what we have.  Three local posts were able to join us this year, they were very helpful in getting the word out to those that wanted to attend.  A great group and we even had a few women, awesome to see.

Jon was our winner with a 46 incher!  Bob P. was his captain.  This was Jon’s 1st musky and biggest fish ever.  Yes, he was just a little excited, and we were all happy for him.

2nd place went to Mark with a 36.5 incher. Jackson was his captain.  Another first and biggest.  I, along with my two vets were able to watch this one, and there was a lot of excitement and congratulations going on!

3rd place went to Nick with a 32 inch pike.  Brian M. was his captain.  They have been fishing together a few years, and we know the banter that goes on in that boat… all good, that’s what it’s all about.

Prizes were given to each of them and all our Vets received gift bags.  We also had a great lunch.  JoAnne and her crew provided treats before we hit the water.

As I said, it is an honor to be able to do what we do, but, that does not just happen.  A team of people work to make this a great event.

JoAnne Koshere – on-shore, lunch, awards, gifts, treats, snacks… We could not do this without all her efforts.  Thank You!  She is also supported by her family, Dennis, Sue, sister Jean and Scott.

Verdelle Schaefer, Volunteer, Bartender

John Bagley, Volunteer, Cook 

All our captains, Thank You for doing what you do.  I tell you, it is the easiest call I make, and appreciate your support!  You are the heart of the event.

Additional sponsors:  We appreciate your support and enjoy the smiles you provided.

Take A Vet Fishing – Dave VanDoorn. They provided a rod and reel to each Vet!!

Smokey’s – Loie, Ron, Sue for the venue, ice, parking… Always helpful to our crew.

Badger Sportsman – Free magazine to all Vets

MCMI – gift cards to all Vets

Palermo’s Pizza – Free pizza to all Vets

If you have the opportunity to visit any of these sponsors or see a veteran, tell them “Thank You”!  They make this world a better place.

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