2020 Chapter Updates

Lac Labelle Study

    • We partnered with MCW and the DNR on a project concerning tagging muskies in Labelle.  Between the two clubs, we purchased 12 transmitters to be surgically implanted into muskies that will be roaming Labelle.  It is possible that a fish or two will be put into Oconomowoc as well, but that isn’t known yet.
    • The goal of the study is to understand the migratory movements of muskies in Labelle.  We’ve invested a lot of money into stocking Labelle (MCW and MCMI) and we wish to see if they are leaving.  And if so, do they come back.
    • Our DNR biologist, Ben, is going to be working with us on this process and study.  Our hope is that this study helps him improve the dam on Labelle and ultimately helps him stock the lake in the future.

Our hope is that this update finds you and your family happy and healthy during this trying time.  We encourage you to fish within your community and hope to see you out there!

One Comment on “2020 Chapter Updates

  1. I have a wooden handmade Muskie tackle box never used. I bought it at a musky inc meeting late 80’s early 90’s, box was custom made by Pro Box Tackle company, Eagle River , Wisconsin.
    It’s a guide model , hand crafted for Milwaukee Chapter Muskie, Inc. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    By Probox Tackle Co. Eagle River , WI
    Serial #248
    Collectors item for the club!
    I can send pics if given a link.
    It’s been on display in our lake home minocqua,wi, never used, never outdoors
    Bob Alfano

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