Milwaukee Muskie Expo Recap

MCMI had a great time at the Milwaukee Muskie Expo from Friday, February 12th to Sunday, February 14th.  We were given a generous donation from Team Rhino Outdoors and DK Lures to raffle off a DK Glitter Walleye, as well as donate 10% of their show sales to us. In the end, Team Rhino Outdoors was responsible for the club making over $700 at the expo, and that money will go towards stocking. We can’t thank them enough for their generosity to our club. And, to top it off, they are a great group of guys, and always a pleasure to deal with.  I know more than one chapter member who dropped some coin in their booth this past weekend.
A “Big Thank You” goes out to Brian Mirek for chairing the MCMI Muskie Expo Booth and to the rest of the volunteers that assisted: Mike Phelps, Steve Berg, Bob Petzke (and wife), James Kwapil, Andy Rosenau, Matt Saric, Dave Kegler, Craig Ader, and Greg Sieren


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