2015 Pewaukee Lake Stocking

Milwaukee Chapter of Muskies INC and Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin jointly stocked 200 Muskies into Pewaukee Lake on September 18, 2015.

To top that off, independent of MCMI/MCW’s efforts, Smokey’s Muskie Shop with their “Three Charlies Tournament” financially supported an additional 100 Muskies for Pewaukee Lake. Much to our surprise, they all came on the same truck from Gollon Fish Farm! MCMI and MCW with the permission of John Laimon, owner of Smokey’s Muskie shop, helped to distribute the Three Charlies Tournament’s 100 muskies.

300 total muskies were stocked around Pewaukee Lake. These were in addition to the muskies that the Wisconsin DNR stocked this year.

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