2015 Joint Stocking Efforts on Southeast Wisconsin Lakes


The Milwaukee Chapter of Muskies Inc (MCMI) and the Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin (MCW) are pleased to announce a joint stocking effort this fall on Lac La Belle and Pewaukee Lake in Southeast Wisconsin. With both clubs matching each others funds and Team Rhino Outdoors donation of $120 to the La Belle effort, it is planned that 400 Muskies will be stocked in Lac La Belle and then an additional 190 Muskies will be stocked in Pewaukee in the fall of 2015.

The fish are coming from Gollon Fish Farm in Dodgeville WI. In early July Gollon Fish Farm reported: “Your (MCW and MCMI) fish are doing just fine, smallest are 5.5 inches and the largest are 7” measured on the 4th of July weekend. We should have plenty to meet your request, and plan to stock in mid to late September. The health certificate paperwork (Between hatchery and WI DNR completed by outside lab) should be done next week, and after that we can get the stocking permit done for September. “

In an effort to save cost, the clubs collaborated their resources and Scott Wilkie of MCW contacted Gollon about a “Split Load” to be delivered on the same day. Gollon told Wilkie that it was possible, ultimately meaning more Muskies stocked in Southeast Wisconsin. With the increased fishing pressure in Southeast Wisconsin, both clubs see the need to create new fishing opportunities in addition to supplementing lakes that already have muskies in them. It is our hope to spread the fishing pressure out and sustain a good Muskie fishery in Southeast Wisconsin for all to enjoy.

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