Artwork Option

MCMI_2015_SpankyBaits_Logo2With the need for a vector based image, the raster image was used as a template to create one. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the artwork and the types of products you’d like customized with chapter logos.

Furthermore, this artwork (with year and outside oval removed) has been submitted to Rayjus if customizing for the Milwaukee Chapter is desired for the following promotion the parent organization has arranged:

Special Promotion
We have finalized an opportunity for members and non-members alike to support our shows and the Muskies, Inc. Mission on a custom design Tournament Jersey that is available to you NOW at They will also be available in several retail outlets as well as at both the Chicago and Milwaukee Muskie Expos. All profits will go to Muskies Inc., to benefit our promotion of the great sport of Muskie Fishing. In addition to these professional quality jerseys, we will also have the option of long sleeve sweatshirts and hoodies which will also bear the company logos.

This is an incredible opportunity to showcase your chapters, while also bringing greater awareness to the sport of Muskie fishing.

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