2013 September Member Outing

On our Friday September 20th outing, Mother Nature dealt an early kick off to fall with it being a bit windy and a little chilly!!!! Trolling seemed to be the ticket as Lynne Dembiec took the Big Fish pot with a 36.75 incher. She also boated 2 other 35″ers. Steve Berg stuck a 34″ along with a pike casting. Afterwards, a good time was had at Smokey’s Muskie Shop. Thanks to Rick for keeping the shop open for us. Geoff and Jen Verges supplied the meal which was some awesome pulled pork!!  These outings are all about having fun, chasing Muskies and the camaraderie on and off the water.

In the future, if anyone is looking to host an event, pick a date and let the crew know. As President Craig Ader said “I am truly impressed with the cooks we have. If you have not attended one of these outings, you are missing out on a treat in so many ways.”

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