Amron pond visits

Greg Sieren and Mike Phelps have been visiting the pond over the last couple weeks.

Greg reported on May 18th that a few grass snakes had made the pond home, the minnows were in good numbers along the shoreline, and muskies weren’t visible.

Mike didn’t notice snakes on May 19th, but the minnows were scattered and there was one muskie spotted along the shoreline that wanted nothing to do with the GoPro camera as it was gone in a split second while trying to put the camera into the water.

Mike took a few pieces of equipment down to the pond May 25th to help clear the way for muskie collection. Focused on the clean-up, all that was spotted were minnows around the pond perimeter and a snake on the west side of the spillway. Temperatures remained cool in comparison to recent years. The water exchange through the pond sounds similar to weeks past as well.

Southwest corner of pond
Southwest corner of pond

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