July 20, 2010’s Members Outing

On July 20th we hosted our third chapter outing of the year. 14 members and 2 guests attended the event. Five minutes into the outing, at 4:05PM, Rick Wyrwas caught a 39 inch muskie casting a topwater bait. Roy Hinkforth caught the only other muskie of the night, Rick Wyrwas' 39 inch headbanger muskie a 36 ½ inch musky, while trolling a crankbait. Congratulations Rick on wining the “Big Fish” contest two months in a row!

Although there were only two fish caught during the outing, there were more stories to be shared at the gathering afterwards. Two members lost not only fish, but their lures and leaders as well. The biggest loss of the night was an entire rod and reel combo along with the trolling rod holder which was ripped right off the boat. Wow – that must have been one hungry fish. Fortunately, the rig was recovered the following day and returned to the owner.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the outing so much fun. We hope to see more of you join us next month on August 20th!

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