May 14, 2009’s Members Outing

Bill's 36.5 inch outing muskieTheDan's 27.5 inch outing figure 8 walleye first of nine club fishing outings of the year took place on May 14th. Thirteen Milwaukee Chapter members and two Headwater Chapter members registered and participated in our event. Dan Buss and Bill Vierkandt, the Headwater Chapter members, both caught legal fish. Dan caught a 35.5″ muskie and Bill caught a 36.5″ muskie.

Steve Reigstad was the only Milwaukee Chapter member to get a fish in the boat, a 32″ muskie. Since the fishing prize must be awarded to a member of our chapter, Steve won the $20 gift certificate to Smokey’s.

The gathering at Smokey’s West at 9:00PM gave all of us the opportunity to spend some time with our fellow chapter membersDan's 35.25 inch outing muskie and visiting chapter members while we enjoyed a cookout and drinks together. It was a very enjoyable evening. Again, we would like to thank John and Gordy, for allowing us to continue to have our outing gatherings at Smokey’s West.

Good Luck fishing!

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