Stocking and Rearing

Minnesota Muskie Farm delivery at the Golden Mast

The goal for the stocking committee is to coordinate and deliver a number of items related to our local fisheries.Gene posing with a fingerling and livewell full

Discussed at the November 2008 Board meeting with our local DNR Fish Manager Ben Heussner, it was decided that with regard to VHSv and rearing, the Delafield pond would be best to serve as aMuskie fingerling on Dunwright bump board ‘Public Fishing Hole’ for the youth and handicapped of the region. This concept has been discussed by the Board and with the DNR’s approval, further discussion with the City of Delafield will take place. Installation of a pier for better access is one of the subjects to be considered. This would take place in 2010, as with all projects, time and resources need to be aligned. The DNR will assist with the signage as this will be classified as an ‘urban fishery’ and will receive stocking from them in the early summer of each year their program exists.

In place of the Delafield pond, our chapter will have a new and better rearing pond beginning in 2010. It is a spring fed pond called the Amron Pond. Managing the habitat of the new rearing pond is expected to allow our chapter to stock larger muskies in the Spring, and since it is spring fed, it is easier to manage against VHSv than one that is connected to another body of water or stream.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or would like to join the committee, please contact any committee or board member.

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