Muskies Inc… Who We Are and What We Do


Work with the youth to provide new experiences and usher in a new generation of conservationists.


The lakes in the Milwaukee area that Milwaukee Muskies Inc. works with.


Scientific research to help drive stocking efforts for the local fisheries.

2020 Chapter Updates

Women’s Tournament

On Saturday, October 3, 2020, despite Mother Natures best efforts of rain and cold, 8 brave ladies ventured out into Pewaukee Lake to catch some muskies in support of Milwaukee Chapter Muskies Inc.

Though the lake did not allow a single fish to be caught, everyone had action, including our newest member who is just 18 years old!

Many stories of the big one that got away were shared over lunch at Curly’s Waterfront and every participant walked away with door prizes and other prizes that were raffled off.

Special thanks to everyone who fished the event and for the captains of the boats who volunteered their time to try to get someone else a fish!

We look forward to hosting the event again next year!  If you are interested in attending, the weekend will remain the same, as will the format.  First Saturday in October, no entry fee, and everyone walks away with prizes!

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