Muskies Inc… Who We Are and What We Do


Work with the youth to provide new experiences and usher in a new generation of conservationists.


The lakes in the Milwaukee area that Milwaukee Muskies Inc. works with.


Scientific research to help drive stocking efforts for the local fisheries.

Leech Lake Strain Stocking and Research Donations!

Donations made to Muskies Inc via this account will be devoted solely to stocking the Leech Lake strain of muskies into Pewaukee Lake. It is our goal to stock these muskies into Pewaukee and study them for the coming years. Stocking will occur for a minimum of the next 5 years.

The cost per fish is approximately $16.

Milwaukee Muskies Inc is a 501c3 organization.  Please consult with your tax advisor about possible tax advantages concerning your donation to our organization.

The link below will take you directly to PayPal where you can pay via your PayPal account or directly via a credit or debit card.

Should you wish to donate money directly to the club via a check, please make you check out to Milwaukee Chapter of Muskies Inc. 

Please use the address below to mail in your donation. 

Milwaukee Muskies, Inc.

PO Box 28842

Greenfield, WI 53220

2021 Chapter Updates

Veterans Fishing Outing

September 11, 2021.  Please sign up if you are interested in volunteering your time to put some vets on muskies in Pewaukee Lake.  Contact Bob Petzke for details or to volunteer. 262 442 6260.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

Please meet at Smokey’s at 7:30 am for registration and guide pairing.   

Fishing is 8:00 am to about 11:45 am ish

Meet at Nettesheim Park at 12:30 pm

National Anthem, remembrance, and prayer at 1:00pm  

Lunch, Veteran honoring, and Raffles 

We should be wrapping up about 3:00 pmWe have the park all day to feel free to stick around and talk

Ladies Tournament

October 2 – This is our third annual event that is being run as a THANK YOU to all the wonderful women who support musky fishing.  This is a totally free events and every woman who enters will get prizes.  Fishing hours are 8:00ish to noonish and there will be a lunch afterwards to share stories from the morning.  This is open to any woman who enjoys musky fishing, not just chapter members.  Contact Geoff Verges for details. 262 442 8496.

2021 Pewaukee Classic!!!

The Milwaukee Chapter of Muskies Inc. would like to extend a big thank you to all who helped make the 2021 Pewaukee Classic an amazing event! Only 3 fish over 34 inches were caught and a lot of smaller fish as well. The rain held off until everyone was off the water and great times were had by all at the after party.

Other BIG Annoucements!

The DNR will be running a warm water study on muskies.  They are planning on transferring 5, 30-35 inch fish, from  Pewaukee Lake to a facility to be studied regarding catch and release mortality rates.  This may have future management implications for waters that lack thermal refuge or reach high surface temperatures.

The DNR has also blessed our request to stock Leech Lake muskies into Pewaukee Lake!  Future correspondence on this will include how to donate to the club in order to get this kind of fish into the Lake.  We will have a specific fund set up to make sure that any donations made go directly to the stocking of Leech Lake strain muskies.  We do have non-profit status, so receipts of donations will be given for tax purposes.  It is our hope to have a “Donate Now” type feature onto the website soon to make this very easy.  The more money we raise, the more Leech Lake muskies that can be put into the lake.

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