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Work with the youth to provide new experiences and usher in a new generation of conservationists.


The lakes in the Milwaukee area that Milwaukee Muskies Inc. works with.


Scientific research to help drive stocking efforts for the local fisheries.

Women’s Event 2023 and Stocking Stuff!

Cooler nights are coming in so that must mean that our Annual Women’s Event is right around the corner.  Below are some specifics for this year’s event, INCLUDING some major differences from past events.

When:  Saturday, September 30.
Time: 8:00 to noon
Where:  Pewaukee Lake
Cost:  Free

Rules:  Rules are pretty simple.  Go fishing and register caught fish with me to see who gets to choose their prize first.  This is for women fishing only.  Feel free to fish before the event starts, but understand only fish caught after 8:00 will count for the event.

Men, unlike the past, please feel free to fish.  I would ask that you fish the back of the boat and be the “guide” for the trip.  But, fish however you want.  Just remember that there are no prizes for men as this event is supposed to be a “thank you” to the women who let us fish as much as we can.

Unlike specific rules in the past, use whatever means necessary to catch fish.  Legally.  3 lines per angler.  You want to troll?  Have at it.  Soak 6 suckers?  You bet.  

We have a limited budget this year, so here’s the deal.  The ladies are fishing for some nice gift certificates.  No door prizes for attending this year.  However, I was talked into picking up the lunch tab last year.  Odds are I can be talked into it again.  So, fish until noon, then come into Smokeys and let’s swap stories and enjoy lunch.

Easy enough?  Guys get to fish, but only women’s fish count for the event.  When you catch a fish, take a good picture and text me the picture and the length to the nearest  1/2 inch.  262 442 8496 is the number.

Registration.  Please email me that you would like to fish.  Please include names, email addresses and phone numbers for everyone who will be in the boat.  I’ll put a spreadsheet together and re-send rules/times for all who are attending.
If you want to fish and do not have a boat?  Again, please register and let me know.  Odds are there will be space in another boat.

My email is .  I hope to see all the familiar faces and hopefully a few new faces on the water on Saturday the 30th.

Fall 2023-Winter 2024 Speaker Lineups!!!

We have been working diligently over the last few months putting together a high-quality speaker lineup for the next year. Below, you will find what we have scheduled to date. Please note that the October meeting will not be on the usual last Tuesday of the month, it is on Thursday, October 19th. This may happen from time to time as the speakers are busy making a living and sometimes we have to accommodate their schedule. I am providing a short bio on each speaker today. About 2 weeks prior to each event I will send a more detailed bio on each speaker.
Even though we are a Musky focused club we have heard from a few members as to having speakers on other species as well. The October meeting we will have a local Walleye pro talking about fishing Green Bay and other Wisconsin fisheries. This is your club, please let us know what you think about having speakers on other species. If you have ideas for topics or speakers that you would like to hear, please call or text me at 414-708-3445, or email me at
Tuesday September 26th – Erik Lenartz, Tactical Angling
Local guide that focuses for musky on Pewaukee, Geneva and Delavan

Thursday October 19th – Max Wilson
Walleye Pro Local Pro that started competing at 16 years old. Just won the NWT out of Sault Ste Marie, MI on July 28th

Tuesday, January 30th  – Nate Osafar
Musky tournament fisherman and guide 2019 PMTT Top Gun Angler and has placed in the top 10 in over 40 tournaments

Tuesday February 27th – Steve Heiting
Steve Heiting is one of musky fishing’s best-known anglers and an inducted member of the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

Tuesday, March 26th – Chas Martin tentative
Musky guide in the Three Lakes Eagle river area

Tuesday, April 29 – H2O Marine               
Prepping your boat and trailer for the season and equipment installation

Leech Lake Strain Stocking and Research Donations!

Donations made to Muskies Inc via this account will be devoted solely to stocking the Leech Lake strain of muskies into Pewaukee Lake. It is our goal to stock these muskies into Pewaukee and study them for the coming years. Stocking will occur for a minimum of the next 5 years.

The cost per fish is approximately $18.

Milwaukee Muskies Inc is a 501c3 organization.  Please consult with your tax advisor about possible tax advantages concerning your donation to our organization.

The link below will take you directly to PayPal where you can pay via your PayPal account or directly via a credit or debit card.

Should you wish to donate money directly to the club via a check, please make you check out to Milwaukee Chapter of Muskies Inc. 

Please use the address below to mail in your donation. 

Milwaukee Muskies, Inc.

PO Box 22

Pewaukee, WI, 53072-0022

Other BIG Annoucements!

The DNR will be running a warm water study on muskies.  They are planning on transferring 5, 30-35 inch fish, from  Pewaukee Lake to a facility to be studied regarding catch and release mortality rates.  This may have future management implications for waters that lack thermal refuge or reach high surface temperatures.

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